Mowing Services in Vienna, VA

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Beside the appearance of a well-manicured lawn with straight line and attention to every detail, mowing is an important part of maintaining the health of your lawn.

Our mowing services include:

  • Mowing of the lawn
  • Edging along all sides of paved surfaces
  • Trimming as needed
  • Blowing off paved surfaces
  • Maintain proper mowing height

Regular mowing intervals along with proper mowing height actually helps in thickening the lawn which in turn helps make the lawn more weed resistant. Grass should not have more than 1/3 of its overall height cut off when mowed. Recycling of the clipping is also a very important part of maintaining the health of your lawn; recycling helps improve the soil by putting the nutrients back into the lawn.

Mowing intervals during the mowing season will be "weekly" (every 7 days on average). The mowing season is the period extending approximately from April 1 through early November. There are approximately 32 mowings during the season. If weekly mowings are skipped for any reason the biweekly rate will apply.

Mowing equipment will be operated so as not to damage plant material and will be equipped with sharp cutting edges for a high quality cut. Mowing height is measured with mowers on a flat, paved surface and is set at 3.5 inches unless otherwise agreed. Actual mowing heights will vary due to the fact that our 36" - 60" mower decks are sometimes traveling over bumpy, uneven, or soft turf. Mowed clippings will be recycled and spread back into the turf. Trimming will be done around all trees, beds, signs, fences, etc. Edging will be done along both sides of all sidewalks and along curbs if applicable. Blowing dirt and debris from the lawn mowing will be done to clear all paved and bedded areas.

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At Prestige, we strongly believe in recycling lawn debris

Recycling the clipping is the easiest way to put nutrients back into your lawn. Grass clipping contains about 4 percent nitrogen; by recycling the clipping back into the lawn you can give the grass 25 percent of its annual nitrogen needs. Another benefit of recycling the clippings back into the soil is that it acts as a natural mulch, which helps conserve soil moisture & prevents drought stress.

We maintain mowing heights that optimize the grass for maximum uptake of the recycled clipping. Mowing heights are maintained at 3 to 3 ½ inches when mowed. When recycling, it is important not to cut off any more than one-third of the overall height of the grass for optimal nutrients processing, and your lawn should not be allowed to grow any more than 1 inch between mowing.

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