Complete Leafclean Service

Our Complete Leafclean Service is designed to fulfill your needs throughout the entire leafclean season, but without the continual hassle.


Does your property look a bit shabby during the Autumn Season?

If so, could you benefit from a good fall cleaning? Allow our team of professionally trained personnel to take care of the fall cleanup for you, you will not be disappointed.

Complete Leafclean service:

Our Complete Leafclean Service begins the 2nd week of November and usually continues through late-December. During this 6-7 week period, we always plan on 3 visits. Sometimes weather issues will allow only 2 visits, and of course late-comers will get only 1 visit.  But either way, we will clean up ALL the leaves.

We charge 1 single fixed seasonal rate.  Our rate is always fixed - it does not vary depending on the number of visits, time spent, or the method of cleanup.

We will clean all accessible turf, bedding, and paved areas. Natural areas are not included unless agreed to otherwise.

There are a variety of different methods of cleanup that we employ. Most yards will require a combination of methods depending on the volume of leaves on each visit, the conditions, and other circumstances.  However, our default method unless you agree otherwise is to recycle the leaves on site by mulching them into the turf using modified mulch­ing mowers. A second option is to blow the leaves into nearby natural area(s) in a non-conspicuous man­ner, with your permission of course. Our last option is to pile them at the curb to be vacuumed by us if you are addressed outside the Town of Vienna. If you are addressed within the Town, then the primary method of cleanup will be to pile them at the curb for the Town to vacuum. It is too difficult to coordinate with the timing of the Town’s vacuuming process, so Prestige will not be responsible should piles not be vacuumed in a timely manner or not vacuumed at all.  Prestige does not bag leaves.

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