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About Our Company

Prestige Lawn & Landscape was started in Vienna in the early 1980s as a couple of teenagers working to mow their neighbors' lawns.  The business gradually grew to over 150 customers--then the first true employee was hired.

Now, over a quarter century later, Prestige has grown to become a full-service maintenance company with the largest presence by far in the Vienna/Oakton area, servicing approximately 700 customers.  We are proud to have acquired a reputation for providing high quality service and punctual dependability at competitive prices.

Although we have grown immensely, we are still a local, family owned and managed business, and we still only service the Vienna/Oakton area.  We have deep roots here, and we make it our personal mission to treat our customers individually--not as account numbers.

Our mission is to provide a quality product at a competitive price that will enhance the beauty and value of our client's property while maintaining a personal, long-term relationship.  If you are not a current customer but are interested in becoming one, we would be happy to hear from you.


What makes us different?

Courteous, Professional Team

Professional, Clean Uniforms

Always Prompt & Reliable

High Quality

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