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Lawn Renovation

Restore your lawn's natural beauty.

Is your lawn in need of some restoration?

Over time lawns decline due to natural and unnatural factors and need to be replanted to restore it be a healthier state. In most cases when a lawn is fertilized properly and includes annual aeration and overseeding it is enough to keep the lawn looking healthy. However, in extreme cases where a yard has been neglected or some disease has wiped out some or most of the lawn it is time to think about lawn renovation. If your lawn is in need of renovation you should also consider topdressing.

How does renovation differ from Aeration and Overseeding?

Lawn renovation is a more aggressive form of aeration and overseeding, often when renovating we are dealing with a lawn that is mostly dead or very thin and requires more work to break up the soil and thatch so the seed can get contact with the soil. Also the amount of seed applied to restore the lawn is increased over that of what we use when the maintenance level of aeration and overseeding is done.

When should I renovate the lawn?

We only offer lawn renovation service in September and October when the conditions are the most favorable for seeding lawns.  Any other time of year the results would not be as successful due to the conditions.

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